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Using eco-friendly methods every plot of vines is given the utmost care and attention in each passing season

Everything start in thevineyard...naturally

The average age of the vines in Marie Copinet’s 9 hectares of vineyard is 30 years and they are ideally distributed across 3 different areas of Champagne : le Sézannais, la Côte des Bar and la Vallée de la Marne. In each area one finds all three of the Champagne grape varietals (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier).

The diversity of all these areas and of all the different plots of vines is reflected in the rich variety of cuvées which all express the essential character of the various terroirs.

Alexandre and Marie-Laure have adopted the greenest practices possible to preserve the environment and enhance the quality of their champagnes. There is no use of insecticides or herbicides, they have cut the use of other treatments by half and to increase microbial life in the soil Alexandre regularly ploughs the vineyards in much the same way as vignerons did in days gone by.

Thanks to these changes, and to the overall development of their viticulture, they have recently been granted Terra Vitis accreditation, an official recognition of their ecological credentials.

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