in agriculture
Our ambition is to preserve the biodiversity and increase the quality of our environment.

biodiversity, our daily preoccupation

Conservation of the environment and the use of sustainable practices in the vineyards are two principles that Marie-Laure and Alexandre hold dear. They not only apply these to every aspect of their winemaking but to other parts of their daily life too.

They’ve installed 3 beehives in their vineyards and 3 more are soon to follow. Collecting the honey in one of the rare years when there’s a good yield is a joy and privilege experienced by only a few !

To promote biodiversity they have installed insect pods where creatures such as earwigs and butterflies can shelter in winter. They’ve even gone so far as to install a ladybird shelter in some of their plots because ladybirds help with natural pest control.

Last but not least, they’ve enhanced the beauty of their vineyards by planting rose bushes at the end of the rows.

"We make Vegan champagne !"

The entire range of Marie Copinet champagne has just received its certification !

It is a sign of confidence that confirms the verification, crafting and packaging of our bottles with no animal substances !

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