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«inherited» family savoir-faire

With our feet firmly grounded in the wonderful white soil of Le Sezannais and blessed with all the inherited family savoir-faire we take pride in extoling the virtues and the richness of our terroir which we care for with a resolutely eco-friendly approach in everything we do. We remain true to the spirit of the Vignerons Indépendents and yet today we have transformed Champagne Marie Copinet into an elegant, modern brand that draws its authenticity from a long tradition of wine making.


Marie-Laure is in her element when she’s working on the values and spirit of the brand. She inherited her eye for detail and her uncompromising work ethic from her parents and she’s added her own special touch of feminine elegance to the Marie Copinet brand.

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Whether he’s in the vineyards or the winery Alexandre’s meticulous nature really comes into its own and he likes nothing better than patiently crafting all our different cuvées. No doubt it reminds him of those special times when he was a boy and spent all his holidays with his grandfather in the vineyards, in the press house, or in the vat room.

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