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Staying true to the family values they have inherited and playing their part in the never-ending search for excellence.

of «heritage» and ambition

Champagne Marie Copinet is the culmination of the work of several generations of vignerons and, quite literally, has its roots in the remarkable soil of Champagne.

As the years went by each generation cleared the land and consolidated the family vineyard holdings.Back in 1956 Alexandre’s grandparents inherited some vines and they set out on this adventure by creating their own brand in the village of Cuchery.

The 60s were also good times for Marie-Laure’s family and her grandparents acquired their first vineyards at that time. Then in 1975, still in Montgenost, Marie-Laure’s parents set themselves up in business, embarked on their first harvest and made their first champagnes. It was the start of another new adventure!

Now it’s Marie-Laure and Alexandre’s turn to carry forward the family history. With the benefit of the savoir-faire that has been passed down to them they are committed to remaining faithful to the traditions and the style of the house yet to create their own cuvees and play their part in the never-ending search for excellence.

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